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Taylor Swift, Badass:

The reason that people—in particular 20-something women—seem to take issue with Swift, it seems, is that they feel she merely whines about boys, which they then construe as being “weak” and “anti-feminist,” since she’s a romantic and falls hard. (Hell, wasn’t Adele’s 21 all about a miserable break-up?) Plus, she dresses conservatively and, with her tousled blond tresses, lipstick, and squinty blue eyes, resembles a grown-up American Girls doll. Oh, and she deals mostly in country music—a genre that’s much maligned by indie snobs.

Unlike her female solo artist contemporaries—the Katy Perrys and Adeles of the world—Swift doesn’t sing about kissing girls and doesn’t chain-smoke or curse. She appears to be, on the surface, a paragon of chastity and virtue. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t a feminist. It’s all really a matter of audience. Swift’s target audience is 10- to 18-year-old girls. She’s a hell of a good role model for that age group. I attended a recent Swift show at the Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan and, at her stellar live performance, chops aside, by the looks of things the audience was comprised almost entirely of young, wholesome girls—either in groups, or with a parent in tow. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Yo, you girls can smoke, girls can kiss other girls, but when girls make a career out of slut-shaming other girls and tearing down other girls solely for male validation…I have a hard time calling that feminism. Sorry, Taylor.

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    She’s playing to her audience…she plays what sells.
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    Yeah, at first I didn’t like swift but after watching the music videos of “White Horse” and “Mine” I respect her a lot...
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    Taylor Swift is not a modern musical genius. She writes songs that are always,alwaysfocused on boys and men, and the...
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    I like this perspective.
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    this whole thing is silly she said herself she doesn’t identify as a feminist so
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    How brave! Why without this feminist’s work how would these young suburban girls ever learn to uphold the judgmental...
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    Still better than the tax-dodging Adele. Whiny cunt.
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    The counterpoint was more accurate. “Sorry, Taylor” is right!
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    agree with counterpoint.
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    Why is Taylor Swift even considered a feminist? All she does is (see above) write whiny songs about how boys generally...
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    Checkmate. But seriously, there are a lot of problems with the subtext within her songs, especially when they reach such...
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