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Day 19: A song by Bloc Party that describes you


Just look at the lyrics! Like…duh

Boy, what you gonna do with your life?

So you want to be an artist, want to be a singer
Want to be remembered for what you could create

So you want to be a cowboy, riding to the distance
Never have to listen or answer to anyone

So you want to be a boxer, surviving on your instincts
Relying on your fists and the quickness of your wit

Are you bigger than these buildings and the grey around you?
Is your pain more worthy than everybody else?

Drunk again in the rhododendrons

I am in this weird, transient place where I’m stuck between the life I fantasize about, the life I actually want, and the life that I’m leading and/or heading towards. What am I gonna do with my life? Who the fuck knows. I certainly don’t.

Day 17: A song by Bloc Party that you know all the lyrics to

The Pioneers

As I said before, this song was very much apart of my like, “Woo adolescence is over, I’m becoming an adult, the world is so exciting” phase. Too bad that I was still an adolescent, and being an adult (which I don’t feel like I am now either) is like okay but nothing special, and the world is both exciting and extremely terrifying at the same time. Whatever. This song is still great.

Day 16: A song by Bloc Party that you wish you wrote

Blue Light

It’s simple. It’s catchy. I really appreciate Bloc Party’s simplicity most. They try to get more complex and write longer in a lot of their later work. But it’s in the simpler songs that they really shine, I think. With the exception of like, Helicopter. That’s definitely a longer and more complex song but also one of their best. 

Day 15: Your favorite line from a song by Bloc Party

"I’ll go back if you ask/I’ll go back if you ask me/I’ll go back if you ask/I’ll go backwards"

from Little Thoughts

I my love of this line has more to do with what I imagine these lyrics mean. I imagine that the song is about someone telling a past friend/lover that they’d go back in time to be with them. Not in like a hokey, bad science fiction sort of way but like, everything that has happened, everything that has led them to where they are now, they would give up to go back to that time with that person and just be. But they’re waiting for the other person to tell them that that’s what they want, to tell them that they’d go back too. Now, I have no idea if that’s what the song actually means (probably not), but this is what I like to think it means and that’s why I love it.

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Day 12: A song by Bloc Party that makes you sad

The Pioneers or I Still Remember

Both make me sad in different ways. I Still Remember is obviously like, unrequited love or rather, having loved and then lost. Which is always sad. The Pioneers is sad mostly because it is kind of this hopeful song about the fate of the world, and I don’t feel as hopeful as I once did. I was really, really into this song my senior year of high school/freshman year of college (big surprise there, what with 2008, Obama-mania, Powershift, becoming an adult or so I thought, blah blah blah). And I feel really let down and disappointed, which is really sad. Plus…Bloc Party is on a fucking hiatus! That’s enough to make anyone sad.

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